Request Process

Request Process

  1. Select network you want to withdraw your tokens from

  2. Click into Withdrawal page

    • Network stats is showing at the banner location

  3. Connect Wallet

    • Account Details will show once the wallet is connected

      • staMAPO Balance: the stMAPO amount your address holds

      • My Request: Ready indicates the number of requests has been successfully processed; Pending indicates the requests that are in process

      • My Pending Amount: the amount that can be claimed

  4. Choose the method for token withdrawal request

    • Use StaQ: this method will require entering the amount of stMAPO you want to withdraw. It will go through the standard node withdraw process which can take up to 15 days

    • Use Aggregators: this method will introduce aggregators on L2 which contains stMAPO and MAPO trading pair. It can accelerate the withdrawal process and skip the claim process

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